Fiction: A Chapter of Weird Dreams


The year was 2058,
Men were able to walk on water and a woman could watch her baby grow in a glass bowl.
We had recently attained world peace,
My Nigerian neighbor was a Japanese woman married to a Tiv Man.

We had been celebrating the calmness and joys of peace when we first heard the news.
A set of eleven feet tall furry haired monsters had invaded some continents.
Where they came from?
No one knew.

They had white fur,
Large hands and feet,
Were blind, but had the sharpest ears that could pick even the slightest whimper.
Soon enough,
They had entered Nigeria and were holding The water island(former Lagos Island) hostage.

They multiplied rapidly.
Every twenty four hours, One Mikiko(the name my Japanese neighbor gave them),
Would divide into two.
It was a distorted version of Binary Fission.
My biology teacher would have been awed.

They killed ruthless,
They killed so because they could not see.
In the island, a woman had given birth to a set of twins.
A male and female.
She didn't care much about the female and had wanted to save only the male.

She had her househelp stand quietly at the door.
She had packed a few things,
Picked up her son,
Left the daughter in her cot,
And walked stealthy to the door.
Telling her househelp to stay with her daughter.

She didn't make it far,
For shortly after she began walking,
Her baby began to whimper,
And In the split of a minute,
The Mikiko closest to her had slit her and the baby's throat in one swift movement of the arm.
The maid saw from the window.

Her maid was a white woman.
When American had been threatened by nuclear bombs from Russia and Iran,
She had fled her country to look for Job in the Water Island.
Now, she had to flee again and ensure she survived,
Alongside the twin she loved more.

The woman hid for days in the house.
Making no sound,
Muffling the baby with a pacifier,
Finding scraps and bits of food to eat.
Soon, she heard of an underground channel,
Where people could hide and plan a way of escape.
It was the train station Sanwo-Olu had built in his third term as Governor of Lagos.
It was abandoned during the peace summit because men could now walk on water,
And women could drive flying cars.

The woman set her bag ready to move.

For me, Writing is therapeutic, alongside listening to Rap, Highlife and Classical Music. I bite my nails when bored.

For me, Writing is therapeutic, alongside listening to Rap, Highlife and Classical Music. I bite my nails when bored.