Fiction: A Chapter of Weird Dreams


The day She chose to begin the journey to the supposed safe haven,
It started to rain.
It rained from the wee hours of the morning till early evening.
The Mikikos stayed in the rain.
They were unperturbed by it.

Susan, The American maid, had run out of food.
The baby was beginning to get tired of sucking on the pacifier.
She was hungry and sooner or later,
Would begin to cry.
There was nothing in the house.
Well, nothing except garri.

She put a little in a cup,
Soaked it for a few minutes and slowly fed the fluid to the baby.
Mildred, the ten months old baby, hungrily gulped the garri-water.
Susan ate what was left in the cup and decided they must leave that night.
If they were quick and quiet, they could get to the tunnel by dawn of the next day.

Ada was 23.
She had recently completed a Nano degree in "Above Water Levitation".
A Two Year Course that trained people on walking on water.
Ada was in the flat downstairs of where the devoured woman with the twins had lived.
She had seen from her window when the Mikiko tore off the left thigh of the Woman.
She had seen the Mikiko chew the baby in one bite as though it was Samosa.
Now, Ada was from her flat seeing the dead woman's maid trying to get out with the other baby.

Susan would have died two minutes after leaving the house.
Time of death might have been silently observed by neighbours peeping from their rooms as 7:36pm.
Let us thank Ada, Who in her wisdom had flashed a torchlight her way repeatedly.
Susan had followed the light and gotten into the room with Ada.
Just as a Mikiko raised it's head and ears attentively.

Ada wrote on a piece of paper and passed to Susan.
"Are you fucking suicidal?"
To which Susan Shook her head in the negative.
Another Negative.
Susan grabbed the paper and wrote,
"We are hungry and out of food. There is a safe place. The train station underground. Was hoping I could get there."

Ada looked at her as if she has said she ate a wall gecko for breakfast.
She moved her right index finger in circles around her right ear.
A Nigerian Sign that said,
She wrote on a piece of paper,
"With a baby? You want to go across the island with a baby?"
Ada sat on the sofa in the living room that had once held laughter, music, lights and friendly bants about who was best water sprinter.

Susan was exhausted.
She looked at Ada sprawled on the sofa and asked her with gestures if she had anything to eat,
To which Ada got up and brought out a loaf of bread,
Margarine and water.
Minutes later, she fed the baby soaked pieces of bread, they both fell asleep.

For most part of the night, Ada did not sleep.
She had heard of that place.
She could walk on water and could teach Susan too.
She was very quiet, hence the reason she had survived this long.
She could actually be of help to Susan and they may have a chance of getting to the sanctuary alive.
She thought of all this until sleep over powered her mind.
By Dawn, She had a plan to Share with Susan and Susan had a sick baby to tend to.

Ada touched the neck of the baby for one Minute and knew they couldn't save her.
"Let us eat her, She would serve as protein" She whispered;
Susan looked at Ada and time stopped.


For me, Writing is therapeutic, alongside listening to Rap, Highlife and Classical Music. I bite my nails when bored.

For me, Writing is therapeutic, alongside listening to Rap, Highlife and Classical Music. I bite my nails when bored.