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For me, Writing is therapeutic, alongside listening to Rap, Highlife and Classical Music. I bite my nails when bored.

My lover is a good man, dare I say so myself.
His eyes glitter when he's genuinely happy,
How he likes to tickle me, just so he can hear me laugh deeply,
Sometimes making the neighbors hiss, I think.

My lover feeds me, with almost anything I'd like to eat,
He knows, you see, he knows how I am attracted to food,
Like how bees chase after nectar,
Or how Lagos men chase after fancy cars.

My lover provides that space between,
Where a good meal meets a happy heart and a content smile.
Where you stretch your legs as you suckle…

Three Months have passed since I first indicated interest under a tweet made by HackSultan. He is a popular Nigerian tech enthusiast and developer advocate and He had come up with the idea to provide upcoming junior developers with Internet Subscriptions and paid access to Progate (An online platform for learning programming) for Three Months. I indicated interest to be part of the Internship and I was part of the 100 participants selected.

We were asked to pick our tracks, I went for Web Development with Node Js. Based on our tracks, we were added to slack channels and…

How does one have five husbands?
One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
And the one you're with presently, isn't yours too.

You must have been searching for love in wrong places,
Falling into the hands of men whose lips are as slippery as the hand with which they hold you.

At night, when you wake while half asleep, how do you remember whose arms you're in?
When you moan, do you call out the wrong name?
I just wonder how you've been coping.


I consider myself strange. A weird twisted shape that manages to stand out and look glamorous at the same time.
A perfect balance of psycho and sweet.
A blasting of musical instruments of the strings and bass… graceful and erratic, quiet and loud, crazy and analytical.
When I think of myself, I think of the coin. Two sides, depending on how you flip, you see whichever face comes up.

I find my music and rhythm in nature, quiet streets and windy nights. I hate the running and screaming and noisy affair of cities. But I live in them still.


Before becoming a participant in the She Code Africa mentorship program, I had heard about and read articles and documentations on Laravel.

Never built a project on it, but as a PHP developer, I wanted to learn, grow and be good at it.

Laravel is a PHP-based framework that uses the three fundamentals called Model, View, and Controller, popularly known as MVC.

To use Laravel, you need to have PHP installed, have the Composer dependency installed, and set up your favorite text editor.

(Hack: for Windows users, installing "Laragon" helps you skip this phase).

Using your Control terminal in your…

Today has not been the best of days.
Adulting 278 - Resa 0, but thank God I still have chocolate ice-cream left from my impulsive spending at ICM (Ikeja City Mall) few days ago, that would console.log (winks) me for the night.

Have you ever unwillingly trekked for 2.4km? With a back bag, an aching head and weak knees, you haven't? I'm so happy for you. …

The major connection i have with the memory of the step i took on the 10th of January, 2020, is the black Raado watch that adorns my left wrist.

The same watch sits now as i type away on my laptop.

The city with yellow buses, where its inhabitants rarely sleep.
The city with yellow buses where the conductors hang from the doors as we speed over the overhead bridges, my mind gives flash images of the conductor falling and me reaching to grab him.

I see him fall, his skull cracks open and blood spills, the woman beside me…

Chapter 3

Susan could not believe what she had heard.
"Eat the baby? Eat the baby?", She kept repeating silently.
She looked at the baby, beautiful and peaceful even though she looked like she was dying.
Surely, there was a way.

Ada gave Susan time.
Time because she knew the baby would eventually die and then, they would have no option but to cook it.
She, Ada, had fed on human flesh before.
During one of her water sprinting classes, they had all gone to some abandoned river at the edge of the Western Coast,
The Instructor had forgotten her when it time to leave.
She had…

Fiction: A Chapter of Weird Dreams


The day She chose to begin the journey to the supposed safe haven,
It started to rain.
It rained from the wee hours of the morning till early evening.
The Mikikos stayed in the rain.
They were unperturbed by it.

Susan, The American maid, had run out of food.
The baby was beginning to get tired of sucking on the pacifier.
She was hungry and sooner or later,
Would begin to cry.
There was nothing in the house.
Well, nothing except garri.

She put a little in a cup,
Soaked it for a…

Fiction: A Chapter of Weird Dreams


The year was 2058,
Men were able to walk on water and a woman could watch her baby grow in a glass bowl.
We had recently attained world peace,
My Nigerian neighbor was a Japanese woman married to a Tiv Man.

We had been celebrating the calmness and joys of peace when we first heard the news.
A set of eleven feet tall furry haired monsters had invaded some continents.
Where they came from?
No one knew.

They had white fur,
Large hands and feet,
Were blind, but had the sharpest ears that could…

Resa Obamwonyi

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